HKPOP-01.ZIP Mockingboard Music .dsk image contain 4 songs, enjoy!
HKPOP-02.ZIP Another 4 songs, thanks to a friend in Hong Kong, he send me lots of disk image.

Sweet Micro System
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This picture was downloaded from a Japanese website. ( Email:

I've email several times to ask for approval, but I got no reply, so I put this picture online until they contact me.

PCL PRO-MockingBoard
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Actually I didn't own a PRO-MockingBoard in my life, the feeling of emptiness never go away even now.

When PRO-MockingBoard launch to the market, it draw the attention of all the Apple users immediately because it's excellent sound. This card improve the weak-point of the original one such as it can drive a pair of 1 WATT speaker, it enhanced the surround effect, it have extra drum channels and it can connect to a MIDI keyboard (non-standard).

Some of the musicians or businessman see the potential of the card, they knew the chance of making money was arrived. So they flood the Golden Shopping Arcade with all kind of music applications, and the most popular one are the pop-song data for the PRO-MockingBoard. These special version can have 4 or 5 drum effect for this luxury card. The original Mockingboard can still play the music but without drum effect. After hearing for the superior drumming effect, some of the rich guys bought the card and rush to copy these song data, the song data become the most popular money making resource.