UIDE- Replaced by XHDD / XDVD2 caching driver
Revision History
13-Nov-17 "Thanks" to the people in FreeDOS forum, all kind of insult, hack, steal and modify Jack's drivers, Jack decided to stop offering this drivers to the public.
12-Nov-17 RDISK volume label now "MS-RAMDRIVE" for use with Win95/98. Bad RDISK error (crash if loaded by CONFIG.SYS) is fixed. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
5-Nov-17 XHDD now takes only 720 upper/DOS memory bytes. Default & minimum Read-Ahead caches now 20-MB, 5-MB to 15-MB caches now use larger cache blocks, for more speed on old small-memory systems. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
10-Oct-17 XHDD protected-mode XMS error logic corrected. Minor XHDD size increase. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
26-Jul-17 XHDD's default and "minimum Read-Ahead" cache sizes are now 50-MB (was 60). Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
7-Jul-17 XDVD2 again works with no XMS memory (UltraDMA unused), for minimal DOS game PCs desiring no XMS driver. Minor XHDD size reduction. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
9-Jun-17 Smaller XHDD sizes for /E or caches below 60-MB. XHDD2 is dropped; for PCs unable to do "overlap", use XHDD with no /O switch. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
14-May-17 XMGR/XHDD/XHDD2 now omit "386 errata" code on 486+ systems. Faster XHDD/XHDD2 "XMS" logic; /P can be OMITTED on real-mode systems! Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
1-May-17 FreeDOS prohibitions re-added; see Section 2 of the drivers README file.
20-Apr-17 Minor XHDD/XHDD2 /P speed improvement, due to better logic. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
9-Apr-17 XHDD/XHDD2 /P switch added for faster caching speed. XMGR updated and XHDD/XHDD2 "boot" driver deleted re: unsolved problems. See the README file for XHDD /P notes and for CONFIG.SYS options to replace the "boot". Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
4-Mar-17 XHDD2 gains slightly more desktop speed, also greater speed for slow laptop disks (does cache work in the last sector "gap" of a disk I-O request, after UltraDMA ends, same as XHDD). Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
21-Feb-18 XHDD2 driver added, to use less space on 386/486 systems or for reliability on all PC mainboards ("overlap" omitted). Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
21-Jan-17 XHDD /E switch re-added, saving 608 bytes on old 80386/80486 systems that never had UltraDMA! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
13-Jan-17 Minor README updates, FreeDOS restrictions deleted. Minor improvement in XHDD protected-mode speed. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
28-Dec-16 XMGR disk "I-O Catcher" logic re-added, so XHDD's "boot" is needed only for new "cheap BIOS" mainboards. Minor XHDD size reduction. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
27-Nov-16 XMGR and XHDD "GDT" initialization error is fixed. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
15-Nov-16 /R switch for RDISK/XHDD/XDVD2 now "reserves" up to 2-GB of XMS, saving low XMS memory for DOS programs needing it!
3-Sep-16 XHDD /G switch added, for old DOS games that FAIL if unused XMS memory is detected! See the /G notes in the README. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
30-Aug-16 /A and /Q switches re-added for XHDD and XDVD2, re: renewed interest in "old" PC systems for DOS gaming, etc. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
18-Jul-16 Minor updates to all but RDISKON. Old CC releases are not for use with the 18-Jul-16 XHDD or later!
15-Jul-16 XHDD /C switch and separate CD/DVD cache deleted; DOS games should use RDISK instead. XHDD still caches CD/DVD data files. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only. Use of these drivers with FreeDOS is now PROHIBITED!
22-Jun-16 Minor RDISK "title message" error is fixed. XHDD size now 64 bytes less. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
13-Mar-16 XMGR no longer requires XHDD when using UMBPCI, for systems using only SCSI or other disks. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
25-Feb-16 CC now resets XHDD directly (no BIOS "resets") and XHDD now ignores an "Identify ATA" ATAPI flag, both to allow using UltraDMA CompactFlash cards as non-bootable "hard disks"! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
29-Feb-16 Minor logic "clean up" in XMGR, RDISK, XHDD and XDVD2. NO run-time changes to any of the drivers.
20-Feb-16 XMGR now allows 24 XMS handles for its /B "boot" driver, to save memory. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
15-Feb-16 XHDD /E switch deleted to avoid UMBPCI "hangs"! XHDD must NOT be used with DOS emulators unable to handle "Identify ATA" commands! Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
10-Feb-16 XHDD can now handle new "cheap BIOS" mainboards! XHDDBOOT deleted. See the CONFIG.SYS examples in the README for these drivers. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
5-Feb-16 Minor upgrades to XHDDBOOT, XMGR, and XHDD. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
28-Jan-16 README file updated with a CONFIG.SYS example using JEMMEX, saving 544 bytes for protected-mode users! No change to any of the drivers (re-dated only).
24-Jan-16 XMGR disk I-O catcher deleted and XHDDBOOT is now required, if using UMBPCI upper-memory (needed for new "cheap BIOS" programs). Note the CONFIG.SYS examples in the drivers' README file. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
15-Jan-16 README file "CONFIG.SYS" examples upgraded. No changes to any drivers (re-dated only).
5-Jan-16 XHDDBOOT driver added to take-over UltraDMA before an "EMM" driver loads, for systems with a new "cheap" BIOS! No changes to other drivers (re-dated only).
31-Dec-15 README file updated, for new BIOS programs unable to do ANY UltraDMA if in "V86" protected-mode (JEMM386, etc.)! No logic changes to any drivers.
22-Dec-15 XHDD size reduced to 3136 bytes, minor speed improvement in real-mode. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
8-Dec-15 XHDD "XMS move" logic improved and search buffer omitted to save 492 bytes! XHDD-S deleted (unneeded now!). 80386 tests re-added in all drivers, to exit with no crash when loaded on old 8086/80186/80286 systems.
27-Nov-15 XHDD adds a separate CD/DVD cache (/C switch) for DOS games or PCs with high-use CD/DVD drives. XHDD-S adds a small binary-search buffer, now has virtually the same speed as XHDD! /R switch re-added in all but XMGR to reserve low XMS for old DOS games. XMGR unchanged (re-dated only).
22-Nov-15 XHDD adds a separate CD/DVD cache (/C switch) for DOS games and other systems with high-usage CD/DVD drives! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
11-Nov-15 XHDD-S adds UltraDMA "overlap" and a /O switch; still saves 592 bytes, now only 1% slower than the full XHDD! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
30-Oct-15 Small XHDD-S driver added; saves 704 bytes of HMA, still is 10% faster than the old "UIDE"! Minor XHDD code update. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
18-Oct-15 XHDD now uses Read-Ahead for 60-MB+ caches (was 80+). 386 "errata" logic re-added and 10/20/30-MB caches added into XHDD, for better handling of old systems. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
15-Sep-15 XHDD size reduced, possible but unlikely sector-count error eliminated. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
1-Sep-15 XMGR/XHDD /Z switch re-added. 386 CPU "errata" code fixed in XMGR, deleted from XHDD for more speed (UltraDMA disks were unavailable on 386 PCs!). Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
25-Jul-15 Minor error-code problem corrected in XHDD. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
20-Jul-15 XHDD uses Read Ahead with its SATA/IDE disks (80-MB+ caches only). XHDD /O switch overlaps disk UltraDMA with cache work -- See the README file notes for /O before using it! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
15-Jul-15 XHDD minimized. /A /Q /R /Z switches and 80386 CPU checks deleted from all drivers for simplicity.
26-Jun-15 README file simplified, XHDD-S deleted. Other drivers not changed (re-dated only).
25-Jun-15 Smaller XHDD-S driver added, to save memory where required. Minor improvement for XHDD's UltraDMA disk input overlap. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
20-Jun-15 Initial XHDD/XDVD2 release, replacing all previous UIDE and XIDE drivers, etc.
5-Jun-15 XIDE "merged" into one driver! New XIDE /P switch can set fast "protected caching", /X switch disables overlap when required. (Separate XIDE-X and XIDE-P dropped). Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
15-May-15 XIDE-X again "overlaps" UltraDMA and caching tasks for more speed! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
8-May-15 XIDE-P driver included, for fastest possible caching speed! See the README file for full details. Other drivers not changed (re-dated only).
15-Apr-15 Most XIDE and XIDE-X caching "overlap" deleted, re: complex controller/disk errors possible. Users should update to the 15-Apr-2015 drivers NOW! The author's apologies for this problem! XMGR/RDISK unchanged (re-dated only).
26-Mar-15 Initial issue, replacing the old UIDE/UHDD/UDVD2 with a new "All in one" XIDE! XIDE does full "overlap" of UltraDMA and caching tasks, also offers non-caching disk or CD/DVD drivers with /B1 or /B2 switches. New XIDE-X ("extended XIDE") with binary-search buffer added, for higher speed. /N3 "No XMS" option deleted. XMGR and RDISK not changed (re-dated only).
12-Mar-15 UIDE now has most UHDD overlap updates, for greater speed! (No binary-search buffer, to keep UIDE "small"). Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
10-Mar-15 UHDD now overlaps caching and ALL UltraDMA disk output for faster speed! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
7-Mar-15 UHDD fully overlaps caching and UltraDMA for > 65% of disk output (I-O buffers that permit direct UltraDMA), giving higher speed! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
5-Mar-15 UIDE/UHDD/UDVD2 now handle 9 controllers, 22 BIOS disks or diskettes, 4 CD/DVD drives. UHDD binary-search buffer is again 512 bytes. UIDE/UHDD "CD/DVD" cache deleted. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
24-Nov-24 UIDE/UHDD "User" caches and UIDE user-cache logic deleted, due to non-use. UIDE now runs 26 disks/diskettes and 6 CD/DVD drives (same as UHDD + UDVD2) which saves memory. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
14-Nov-14 UHDD now "overlaps" UltraDMA disk input AND output with as many caching tasks as possible, for much improved speed! Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
19-Oct-14 UHDD now "overlaps" cache work during UltraDMA disk output and the disk sector "gap" at I-O end, for greater speed! UHDD /M switch deleted, 256-byte binary search buffer is now permanent. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
27-Sep-14 UHDD now offers all 4 UIDE caches, conditional-assembly no longer required! New UHDD /M switch can set a 512-byte binary search buffer for improved speed. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
26-Jan-14 UIDE error handling CD/DVD media-changes for "stand alone" mode is fixed (caching UIDE was unaffected!). UHDD now offers a "Common" cache plus a "CD/DVD" cache for UDVD2. NO change to non-cached UHDD/UDVD2 driver sizes! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
12-Jan-14 UIDE /UD switch deleted (many problems). UIDE now offers optional "User-1" and "User-2" caches (/X and /Y switch) along with "Common" and "CD/DVD" caches! Stand alone" UHDD and UDVD2 re-added, for use as needed. XMGR/RDISK unchanged (re-dated only).
12-Dec-13 UHDD and UDVD2 discontinued (very low use). UIDE /N2 now dismisses all CD/DVD logic. UIDE /C switch added for a separate CD/DVD cache. UIDE user-driver caching calls improved. XMGR and RDISK unchanged (re-dated only).
21-Nov-13 UHDD old style "stand alone" driver re-added, to save 1000 bytes in UHDD.SYS! NO change to UHDD features or capa-bilities! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
14-Nov-13 UHDD/UDVD2 "private" caches deleted (unneeded and unused).
25-Sep-13 BAD error fixed in UDVD2 re: locating UHDD! MANY Thanks to Japheth for his tests and exact analysis!
9-Sep-13 Possible but unlikely UHDD exit errors corrected. UDVD2/UIDE now use all 32 CD/DVD LBA bits (not 30!) in caching CD/DVD data. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
2-Sep-13 Possible UDVD2 "media-change" error fixed. UHDD /N1 size reduced.
26-Aug-13 UHDD now has its "common" cache and handles "private" user driver caches. UDVD2 (or others) can now set "private" caches, for video-game CDs etc.
28-Jul-13 UHDD/UIDE binary-search buffer deleted (hardly any gain in speed). UHDD/UIDE now use only "fast" cache blocks (/F switch deleted). Minor UDVD2 size reductions. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
30-Apr-13 UHDD/UDVD2 can now run without XMS (lower speed) for tests and FreeDOS "scripts". UDVD2 can now do "raw" input.
15-Oct-12 UHDD/UIDE again detect A: and B: diskettes from BIOS data, NOT "Int 13h" calls! See section 7 of their README for details. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
4-Aug-12 UHDDJR deleted, logic now in UHDD! /B "Stand Alone" UHDD (no caching) reduced to 1440 bytes! UHDD dismisses all UltraDMA logic with /E "Call the BIOS" or /N1 "No disks" switches, saving 464 bytes! XMGR/RDISK/UIDE unchanged (re-dated only).
2-Aug-12 Added the UHDD "disk only" caching driver, for systems not needing IDE CD/DVD logic. UIDEJR deleted, replaced by smaller/simpler UHDDJR and UDVD2. UDVD2 caches CD/DVD data if UHDD is also used! New /UD switch in UDVD2 and UIDE, to cache CD/DVD directories only (requires the new SHCDX33F). XMGR/RDISK unchanged (re-dated only).
9-Jul-12 UIDE/UIDEJR device select error, for master + slave CD/DVD units on one IDE channel, is corrected. Many Thanks to Doug Beneway for discovering this error! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
25-Jun-12 UIDE2 deleted. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
17-Jun-12 UIDE/UIDE2/UIDEJR /A switch, init of 2 "Old IDE" channels, and CD-audio "Q"/status data corrected. Many Thanks to Japheth for his research and audio-test program! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
31-May-12 UIDE and UIDE2 detection of "legacy" address CD/DVD drives corrected. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
29-May-12 UIDE and UIDE2 check for diskettes via Int 13h, avoid DPTE tests if no PCI BIOS, let the BIOS do I-O for disks with bad DPTE data, and /N5 deleted, all re: VirtualBox BUGS! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
20-May-12 UIDE and UIDE2 now have a /N5 switch to disable caching of diskettes, if needed for VirtualBox etc. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
23-Mar-12 UIDE now runs 30 BIOS units like UIDE2. UIDE/UIDE2 again use "common" driver logic and are down to 912 bytes with a /H switch! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
7-Mar-12 UIDE2 /N3 switch deleted, now runs 30 BIOS units (not 34). This makes UIDE2 less than 7K bytes for "boot" diskettes etc.! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
24-Feb-12 UIDE/UIDE2 "64K DMA boundary error" fixed (may affect only year-2000 chips or older!). UIDE2 much smaller! Minor XMGR/UIDE size changes, RDISK unchanged (re-dated only).
16-Oct-11 UIDE /M switch deleted, search-table buffer now always 512 bytes. UIDE.SYS is back to 7.5K, UIDE-S is eliminated! UIDE2 improved, other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
30-Sep-11 UIDE.ASM using common core logic now assembles UIDE, UIDE2 or UIDE-S. All handle 10 controllers, 34 BIOS units, 8 CD/DVD drives. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only.
23-Sep-11 UIDE2 /HL now takes 4608 bytes but caches up to 280-MB for V7.10 MS-DOS, more on other DOS systems! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
18-Sep-11 UIDE2 error (non-cached CD/DVD input in protected mode) is corrected. UIDE-S or UIDE2 now handle 8 CD/DVD drives! UIDE-S now uses a faster 512-byte search buffer, /M will set 256. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
9-Sep-11 UIDE2 using fast protected-mode caching re-added. UIDE-S or UIDE2 handle 6 CD/DVD drives, not 4. Minor UIDE and UIDEJR logic reductions, other drivers re-dated only.
22-Jul-11 UIDE /E switch added to handle DOS "emulators" (VirtualBox etc.). Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
11-Jun-11 UIDEJR error detecting multiple CD/DVD units is corrected. No change to UIDE or other drivers (re-dated only).
7-Jun-11 UIDE and UIDE-S /X switch deleted. UIDE /M switch added, to save HMA but avoid speed loss! UIDE-S size reduced. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
20-May-11 UIDE-S ("short" UIDE) added, for systems with limited HMA. See the initial UIDE.ASM comments, for details. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
16-May-11 More "code mod" init errors corrected in XMGR/UIDE/UIDEJR. RDISK unaffected. The author's apologies; users should update NOW to the 16-May-2011 drivers!
14-May-11 UIDE/UIDEJR disk "timeout" now 7 seconds (was 0.4 sec) for "laptop" disk spin-ups. Disk-only UIDEJR at 1504 bytes (was 1600!) in memory, still 688 bytes using /H. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
10-May-11 UIDEJR sizes minimized! "CD/DVD only" UIDEJR in HMA space (/N1 /H switches) takes 176 upper-memory bytes, directly replaces "old" XCDROM/GCDROM drivers! UIDEJR now runs 4 CD/DVD drives, new /U8 switch runs 8 when needed. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
2-May-11 UIDE corrected to flush its cache before CD/DVD input on a "VDS Lock" error (unlikely; 5-year UIDE "bug", NO report of trouble!). /X switch added to UIDE. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
25-Apr-11 BAD initialization error is corrected in UIDE, UIDEJR, and RDISK (XMGR not affected)! The author's apologies -- Users should update NOW to the new 25-Apr-2011 drivers!
16-Apr-11 UIDE user-driver caching improved and re-added. Read the file UIDE.TXT for all details. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
5-Dec-10 UIDE/UIDEJR /R15 and /R63 switches added to handle old DOS "games" (many thanks to Guillermo Grana Gomez!). Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
28-Nov-10 Minor updates: UIDEJR audio track-number error corrected, XMGR protected-mode speed improved. /Z switch added in both XMGR and UIDE. RDISK unchanged (re-dated only).
15-Aug-10 UIDE audio track-number error corrected (Thanks, Nagatoshi Uehara!). UIDE speed improved, from faster cache-table updates. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
10-Aug-10 UIDE binary-search buffer added. UIDE has > 96% speed of prior /PM cache! Using $ in CD/DVD names fixed in UIDE and UIDEJR (Thanks, Japheth!). Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
4-Aug-10 Much-improved UIDE speed in protected mode (JEMM386 etc.). UIDE /HL /K /L /P /PM deleted, both "protected mode" and "memory only" caches removed (now unneeded)! UIDE /N4 switch added. Oher drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
25-Jul-10 UIDE error in 38/46-bit LBA logic fixed. NO user effect, as DOS still handles 32 bits! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
17-Jul-10 UIDE /PM cache-data entries minimized and /L switch added. "Memory only" caches can now be 400-MB! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
13-Jul-10 Fast UIDE "memory only" cache added via /PM switch. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
11-Jul-10 UIDE size reduced, I-O "calls" made more efficient for all but /HL mode. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
4-Jul-10 README file updated -- XMGR/UIDE can use "Native IDE" mode same as "Legacy"/"Compatibility" mode, if offered for an AHCI mainboard. NO driver changes (re-dated only).
28-Jun-10 XMGR updated for AHCI use. See the README section 7, for full details. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
16-Jun-10 UIDE /E switch and external-entry logic summarily deleted. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
10-Jun-10 UIDE now ignores a "removable HARD disk" (some USB units!) due to likely media-change trouble! UIDE size reduced. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
19-May-10 UIDE speed slightly improved, /K switch re-added to assist protected-mode speed (but see the NOTE about /K usage in the README!). Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
27-Nov-09 UIDE /HL switch added, for protected-mode caches to 255-MB on V7.10 MS-DOS and 425-MB+ on others. UIDE /N3 switch error fixed. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
22-Nov-09 UIDE uses more-optimal cache blocks, UIDE /F switch added. UIDE/UIDEJR are no-longer packed by UPX, to avoid loader problems. XMGR/RDISK unchanged (re-dated only).
16-Nov-09 UIDE now caches 4 GIGABYTES of data! UIDE /P switch added for more protected-mode speed. XMGR/UIDE/UIDEJR now run 32 BIOS disks (not 40) as DOS has only 32 drive letters. RDISK unchanged (re-dated only).
4-Nov-09 Fixed UIDE "cache flush" error. Added UIDE /E switch and 25/50-MB caches, deleted all reassembly options. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
19-Oct-09 UIDEJR "VDS lock" error fixed: CD/DVD logic now dismissed only by its /N2 switch. UIDE logic reduced, its source has added re-assembly options. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
15-Oct-09 XMGR/UIDE /K switch deleted, as Win95/98 do NOT like using protected-mode move "calls"! Thanks to Japheth for his "warning"! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
6-Oct-09 UIDE/UIDEJR are back to using normal memory, due to MS-DOS V7.10 kernel "bugs" that cause CRASHES! /R deleted, /H now requests HMA usage "at the user's own risk"! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
3-Oct-09 Fixed UIDE handling of cache XMS errors, NOT a big problem since XMS memory almost never fails! Minor UIDE/UIDEJR size changes. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
7-Sep-09 BAD protected-mode cache init error fixed in UIDE! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only). UIDE users who load JEMM386 or other protected-mode handlers should download the 7-Sep-09 drivers immediately!! Users who load only UMBPCI (real-mode) are not affected.
3-Sep-09 XMGR now does protected-mode move "calls" (as in UIDE) for faster speed using RDISK, etc. XMGR /K switch added to request "normal" XMS moves, when needed. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
02-Sep-09 README file updated -- FreeDOS users who desire full upper memory must omit UMBPCI and load JEMM386 or JEMMEX only. NO driver changes, all are still dated 30-Aug-2009.
30-Aug-09 BAD "VDS init" ERROR fixed in UIDE/UIDEJR! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only). Users of UIDE/UIDEJR should download the 30-Aug-09 drivers immediately!
23-Jun-09 RDISK now a .COM file, loadable by CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC. RDISK /: switch added to use any free drive letter, when loaded thru AUTOEXEC or later. RDISKON program added. Corrected UIDE CD/DVD handling of VDS errors. XMGR and UIDEJR unchanged (re-dated only).
9-Jun-09 UIDE/UIDEJR /N3 switch added for no XMS memory. Override of /D: name with UIDE$/UIDEJR$ added if no CD/DVD drives are found. XMGR/RDISK unchanged (re-dated only).
1-Jun-09 UIDE optimized for JEMM386, UIDE /K switch added. JEMM386 is now recommended with UIDE. See the README "Technical Notes" for full details. Other drivers unchanged.
27-May-09 UIDE now uses 992 upper-memory bytes (external-entry logic made an assembly option). UIDE move-memory logic fixed for older 80386/80486 CPUs. CD/DVD entry code in UIDE/UIDEJR improved. XMGR/RDISK unchanged.
19-May-09 Fixed RDISK clear-memory error and added removable-inquiry support. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only).
15-May-09 Added the RDISK driver, which creates a 2-MB to 2-GIGABYTE "fast" RAM-disk using XMS memory! XMGR/UIDE unchanged.
6-May-09 Added the non-caching UIDEJR ["junior" UIDE] driver, using only 768 upper-memory and 2528 HMA bytes! UIDE/UIDEJR now run up to 10 controllers, 36 disks, 8 CD/DVD drives.
1-May-09 Fixed XMGR "Port 92h" logic error. Added XMGR /PA and /PN switches to control use of "Port 92h" logic.
28-Apr-09 Fixed UIDE save/restore error during CD/DVD init messages.
25-Apr-09 XMGR/UIDE license and FreeDOS prohibition deleted, drivers and sources are again available to all. Corrected UIDE error in posting CD/DVD "return codes". UIDE /R switch re-added to support ROM-DOS.
21-Apr-09 Minor UIDE error (disk "A20 error" code not set) is fixed.
17-Apr-09 UIDE now caches 2 GIGABYTES, using 992 upper-memory bytes and 3760 HMA bytes for any cache size; search tables now use XMS! /L deleted. Fixed BAD audio byte-count error.