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USB Driver Disk (Ver 1.9) USB19.ZIP (580 Kb rawrite image)
USB19.EXE (886 Kb Self-Extracting image)
I scream over USB device under DOS because they won't work!

USB is surely a great invention, an industry standard that let all device connected to the PC with an USB connector, and if you got too many devices, just add an USB hub. An USB hub only about US 8, isn't it cheap and easy?

When you dealing with GHOST, or simpily want to backup a large amount of data in FAT32 partition, you'll found that working in DOS environment is the best, no locked files, no screen savers, no fancy animations ... but USB device won't work because BIOS too old!

It's possible to let USB work under DOS, some guides and drivers scattered on the Internet. I spent a lot of time testing them, and found that DUSE (from Cypress), USBASPI (from Panasonic and Iomega), and DI1000DD (from Novac) can really let USB hard disk, finger flash disk and USB CD-ROM work ... but of course with some kind of limitation, it heavily depends on the chipset and BIOS. For example: DUSE work on device with Cypress chipset only, some BIOS didn't like USBASPI, then it'll hide the USB device from the USBASPI.

I've collected some working drivers and put them on floppy disk (also thanks to contributor Bernd Blaauw, Robert Riebisch and Mike Treu). For others don't know how to setup those drivers properly.

** Notice:

[1] These USB Drivers only work for storage device like Flash Disk, USB hard disk or USB CD-ROM, device such as Mouse or Printer were not supported.

[2] During my research of GHOST a Serial-ATA hard disk to USB hard disk, I found a limitation of the DI1000DD.SYS (NOVAC), it only support FAT16 format! If you format your USB connected hard disk with FAT32, it shows nothing when you type DIR, when you try to FORMAT it, the PC will crash!

Revision History
V1.92010-05-27 - Updated UMBPCI
- Replace QHIMEM2 with XMGR
V1.82006-08-28 Updated QHIMEM v2.9 to QHIMEM2 v3.1 for more compatibility (e.g. MI.COM), updated LICENSE.TXT. Thank you very much to Mike Treu added Iomega USB driver for PNY and Memorex USB flash drivers, also his modification to the description of the AUTOEXEC.BAT for easier reading.
V1.72006-08-01 Updated to QHIMEM v2.9 and FD-HIMEM v2.21 and added 'DOC' directory, move all the programs' document in, fix the filename error in 'install.bat'
V1.62006-05-26 Replace FDXMS with QHIMEM to avoid XMS access problem, updated FreeDOS kernel to 2036 cvs, updated DEVLOAD to v3.16 and included full set of UMBPCI's tools
V1.52005-10-31 Thank you very much to Bernd Blaauw, he rewrite the AUTOEXEC.BAT to avoid loading USBASPI drivers twice, great job! And updated the DEVLOAD to v3.15
V1.42005-10-01 Advise by Robert Riebisch, added USBASPI v2.15 and DUSE v4.2, also updated the EMM386 to v2.06, improved batch file instruction text
V1.32005-07-26 Improved loading instruction for novice user, add 1 more USBASPI.SYS, 1 more USB-CD Driver! A few FreeDOS utils
V1.22005-06-15 Add new version USBASPI1.SYS for HP/Compaq dc7100 SFF (or new PC)
V1.12005-06-15 Stupid me, I miss the DUSE driver in FDCONFIG.SYS!
V1.02005-06-14Initial release

Compatibility - Driver worked on the following PC
IBM NetVista 6790-NRD, the most USB compatible 'old' PC I've even seen!
Access a 2GB Toshiba notebook hard disk via a cheap USB-to-IDE adapter
IBM eServer - DOS USB driver ... works!
I've tested these card readers, they work smoothly with the driver (No hotplug!)